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Full board of accommodation packet with Cretan cuisine tastes in a Mediterranean diet menu at Kastro Restaurant in Panormo, next to Rethymno.

Cretan cuisine has a long standing tradition dating back centuries ago and is directly connected to the production of high quality agricultural and cattle farming products. Savor the variety, delicacy and high quality of the guaranteed cuisine of Kastro Restaurant!

Our restaurant, in Panormos on Crete, has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor and has been certified by Cretan Quality Agreement for its impeccable service. It therefore, has all the prerequisites that will definitely initiate you to the delicious world of savory experiences, which will absolutely impress you.

“Perfect Cretan food in a friendly environment in an idyllic verandah” and “impeccable service by jovial and polite people”, are characteristic comments shared in the internet by our visitors. Meals in Kastro Restaurant are a privileged addition to the accommodation packet our guests might like to enjoy, as full board is included in special prices. Therefore, Kastro Restaurant is a first class choice for people relishing a daily excursion and wish to savor high quality traditional cuisine.

Certificate of Excellence
  • Serge Renaud, 1998
    Don't look for a pill to replace the Cretan Diet. 
    There is no such thing!
    Serge Renaud, 1998
    Lyon Diet Heart Study
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